Robert Burkhart Architect
Careful planning at the beginning of your project optimizes success and enables a faster and less costly design process. We provides site planning & analysis, project programming, code & regulatory research, permitting requirements, feasibility studies, preliminary cost estimates & project time-lines. We incorporate sustainable (green) design principles into all of our planning.
We provide comprehensive architectural & interior design services as well as site planning & landscape design. We prepare preliminary designs and cost estimates based on your project objectives. We incorporate sustainable (green) design principles and materials into your projects. We work closely with you to develop the design into construction documents, refine the cost estimate and help secure a building permit. We have produced award winning designs for new houses, residential renovations, apartments, condominiums and commercial facilities.

Construction Services
We provide competitive bidding from licensed contractors, negotiation and award of construction contracts, oversee all aspects of the construction phase, ensure quality workmanship and guarantee that your project is completed on time and within budget. We also offer design-build services where we provide the designs, the building permits and a fix price construction contract - thus lowering your project costs and streaming the entire process.